Sonico After Party Review

To be quite frank this review was supposed to be done since last year, but due to a lot of things happening this year, the review had to be put on hold so forgive me for putting in portrait style shots in it XD

So this might be one of the last few sets wherein you’ll probably see like over 50 photos. Combining the beauty shots and the product shots seemed to make more sense that having a separate set of photos for both. I mean, aren’t product shots supposed to elicit beauty from the item on hand? Enough blabbering, let’s get it on with the first review in a long long while (like almost a year long long while ^^;;)

Pretty sure Sonico needs no introduction to those who are into figures, but for those who are new or aren’t aware, Super Sonico is a mascot character created by Santa Tsuji from Nitroplus. She’s been a pretty popular character and has spawned different figures and other illustrations even before she was put into an anime. A success story when it came to character design wouldn’t you say?

Max Factory being no slouch nor a newcomer in the figure industry, was able to replicate Sonico’s selling points and one of them being her long silky hair. I’m not fan of “hair clumps, neither do I hate them, however seeing GSC really make this figure premium looking is certainly a good thing!

Her headphones, Sonico’s signature item, actually takes the backseat here in favor of her outfit and other items found in the box. Knowing GSC, they could if they really wanted, detail her headphones more with mesh for the internal components. Instead they went for something as subtle as adding wrinkles to the memory foam (it looks more like memory foam than faux leather to me haha) and stitching to the head support).

If I had to nitpick, it would be the seamline found behind her earphones which shouldn’t be present at all since those cups aren’t formed by joining two pieces (and if they were, the welding wouldn’t stand out like that). You’d only see this if you displayed her from behind, or if you had a rotating base (or if you’re reviewing it like me :P)

The hair strands really aid in making Sonico look delicate and feminine so much that the contrast between her innocent looks and her bold and daring outfit really make this figure stand out more.

Speaking of outfit, her clothes are very well represented for the vibe the figure was going for! The glossy finish found on her leather tube and skirt really sets the pace while her jacket, being made of cotton (or wool?) complements the entire contrasting elements that the figure exudes.

Also plus points to adding the underside of her buttons on the jacket too and the silver ringlets on her tube top!

Not sure if her boobs are just really big (majority would agree) or if her top is just too small which I’m guessing is the cause of her being castoffable

Though I did talk about contrasts for her upper half, her bottom half is just really sexy all throughout! Opened up shorts with belt taken off, along with leather garterbelt holding up her tight fishnet stockings is really over the top!

Even her boots are all ready to be taken off! Everything she’s wearing is just TIGHT!

OMG they decided to use a clear plastic base for this figure! I’m really glad they went for this instead of adding a base which would have taken away all attention we had for the figure or dampens the entire atmosphere. It’s somewhat rare to see a figure base accentuating the subject’s best points.

The figure comes with a guitar and an amp along with an attachable cable which you can connect from the back. Though there’s been a lot of figures of her showing her sexiness and sometimes her cute side, we hardly get a really good glimpse of who she is as a music enthusiast. (Sorry if it’s a wee bit dusty ^^)

Somewhat weird choice for using an L-connector on both ends, Sonico should’ve changed one end of her cord to a straight one for her guitar and an L shaped for her amp.

A while ago I did talk about her jacket and it’s good that GSC didn’t give up adding details to the interior of her jacket even if we won’t be seeing it as much. From hereon I’ll be leaving pictures of Sonico (which I guess constitutes as “beauty shots”).

Sonico actually has two stages of undress for this figure. Instead of just giving us a fully clothed (I meant that as “all available clothing parts attached” hahaha) and a semi clothed one.
I actually prefer this over her jacket and cast off version as it feels more rock/punk/anti establishment. Her cute and innocent face though gets in the way of making it pure rock though haha ^^;;

Aaaaand the cast off part. Despite the fact her top is bounded from the front, the detachment area is found on the back

Warning, following pics aren’t exactly safe for work as they’ll be Sonico without her cast-off parts 😛

Despite being cast offable, I’m not exactly fond of displaying Sonico in all her naked glory. I feel that a balance should be achieved for aesthetic pleasure but that’s just me. Hope you guys enjoyed this especially since I haven’t posted anything at all for the past 2017. I’ll leave you guys with some more pics of her cast-off self followed by links to other Sonico reviews which you might enjoy.

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