Dark Angel Olivia

And welcome to another installation of figure reviews. For this week, we’ll take a look at another Shingeki no Bahamut figure, namely Dark Angel Olivia.

You’d have to forgive me for not having pictures of the box, but all you need to know is it’s almost as big as a Godoka Box from GSC.

Dark Angel Olivia was drawn by Mushimaro for one of Japan’s popular game Shingeki no Bahamut. The figure itself was made by Kotobukiya and it’s roughly priced at 15,000 yen.

I’ll be reviewing this figure without the wings and the weapons first (except attaching the end of the sword to make it look like a knife of sorts). I also won’t be touching Kotobukiya’s wild and sudden changes done in the color of the wings and the hair among other things. I’ll leave that to other authors and bloggers to discuss. The mold already has imperfections as it is, but it’s still good.

Despite the desaturated haircolor (vs the prototype), I’m still loving that face Olivia is showing off. There is a certain serenity found in that expression of hers which is a bit spellbinding. To be perfectly honest, I do believe that the face is this figure’s selling point. Also, you can see that there are still left over bits there on the side of the bangs which probably came from the mold which is very unfortunate.

And more QC related problems on her hair are found. Thankfully, the amount of fine detailing placed on her horns is enough to distract me from that hair problem.

And here we have another mold problem. Thankfully, i don’t think anyone will be displaying their Olivia facing backwards. But to other hobby collectors who want their goods to be perfect as possible, this is a no-no. As for the color of her hair, the yellow to orange gradient is nice to look at. Personally I think they could have made the colors ‘richer’ but this is satisfactory nonetheless.

Those small hair ornaments are also given the super detailed treatment. Done by hand maybe?

The same amount of detailing isn’t discounted from her armor and clothes too. From her chest armor down to the frills and seamlines of her clothes, Kotobukiya spared no allowance in delivering intricate designs down to the last line. I’m also loving how clean they were with the tattoos on her arms. My only possible complaint (which might be personal taste) is that I wish the gold parts had more luster to them instead of looking a bit matte and dull. It definetly doesn’t look likeplastic, but it certainly lacks that metal feeling of either being as heavy and solid as steel, or as lustrous as gold.

Even the back portion, that will eventually be covered by wings, are still given extra effort. Needless to say the wings go inside the holes at the back.

Character design wise, there is nothing more feminine than a skirt or a dress for me.I guess those leg armors are substitute for thigh high socks in a way. Zettai Ryouki armored version lol

Same comment goes to the luster of the gold armor parts. Love the holes on the leg armor, really adds some personality to the armor like the other fine details found in this figure.

Base was simple, but appropriately so with purple crystals sticking out of the black lacquer-like base with white glittery sparkles on them.

For those confused with how to attach the belt portion, you can actually remove heir upper half with the bottom. Had a long time discerning if it was removable though or not, talk about taking risks! @___@

Wings go here along with the swords. Kind of strange that she wields a dual edged and a single edged sword for battle, but me likey.

And here is Olivia in full winged glory! Those wings were really crafted well, and they’re light weighttoo. I believe they’re made from lighter plastic, which give them that weight. Word of warning, the wingtips are SHARP!

Before I leave you with a bunch of pictures, I’d like to point out that the eyes are too glossy for mytaste. It’s not seen much when you display it, but the glossiness becomes apparent when you take photos of the figure with a strong light source.

Overall, I do have complaints with the figure, lots of it in fact. But despite these imperfections, I don’t know how Kotobukiya still managed to make me satisfied with this. I’m actually happy with the figure despite seeing lots of problems. I do believe it’s excellent character design that saved the day here more than craftsmanship. The sculpt is good, but far from perfect.

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Oh well, since my comment disappeared when it timed out apparently I will do the short version.

    I’m jealous, I wish I had been able to order one, didn’t expect Olivia to be so popular to sell out so quickly.

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      Here’s to hoping they come out with a new one or a rerelease. These Rage of Bahamut figures are really good @_@

  2. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Very interesting review and cool pictures the background is neat.
    I really disliked my last Kotobukiya figure, so I was curious if Olivia could live up to the expectations.
    Some flaws aside this figure actually seems like a convincing piece of work, a bit pricey though.
    The face shows an appealing expression, its a proud smile. Overall its a great design, stronger colors
    should have been used, but the finer lines are good. Without wings she also doesn’t look bad ^^

    Still I don’t like her skintexture, most popular companies use more opaque material for the skin.

    • Anton Eduque
      Anton Eduque says:

      Thanks. I really wish Kotobukiya kept the quality of the prototype and carried it over to their mass production models though. What was your last kotobukiya figure? Their QC has a lot of hits, but when they miss it’s kinda bad D8


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