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Figure Sale 2018 Part 1

Looking for new homes for these wonderful lassies (and a lad). Helping out a friend sell the first half of the collection he has amassed over the years (probably to make room for more ^^). Also yes, I will have to review the CSS of the site. Don’t worry, no figure fell from doing that […]

Sasara Kusugawa -Dungeon Traveler Orca Toys-

In less than two days, another entry comes up. This time it’s the partner figure for Orca Toys To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers, Sasara Kusugawa in a berserker warrior looking costume. Normally I try not to post figure reviews in succession but I’m really just trying to use ALL the remaining content Ih ave before […]

Tamaki Kousaka -Dungeon Traveler Orca Toys-

Obviously, I’ love Amaduyu Tatsuki’s character design and I’m a huge fan of his work in Aquaplus so far. His work is arguably one of the most quintessential examples of “moe” which is especially prevalent in a lot of visual novels. Sometimes though some figure makers would come by and make it less moe and […]

Sonico After Party Review

To be quite frank this review was supposed to be done since last year, but due to a lot of things happening this year, the review had to be put on hold so forgive me for putting in portrait style shots in it XD So this might be one of the last few sets wherein […]

Hestia Orchid Seed Review

Another review to finish and we are now moving to Hestia from Danmachi. I’m really not a fan of cool colored backgrounds but I really can’t think of a better way to present Hestia without the use of solid blues at the moment. I was in Japan when Danmachi first aired so I was caught […]

Deskspace January 2018

Though this entry says that it’s a January edition for my Deskspace series, it’s really more of a 2016 to 2017 recap since a certain someone (me) didn’t bother posting a single post for a long looooong time.     Fun fact, I actually wrote this last January 2017. P

Japan Arcade

Japan is the best place to go to when it comes to finding good competition in versus games so before retiring from competitive fighting games, I thought maybe I should visit one when I last visited Japan. Most of the pics here are from the Taito game station and Hey arcade. Although I do have […]

Impressions Anime Spring 2016

Since I watch anime, I thought maybe I should share some of the titles I’m watching this season. Normally the unspoken rule of the thumb when it comes to watching shows is the three-episode rule. Nowadays it’s either not interesting enough that I’d drop it by the first episode or it’s interesting enough for me […]

Desk Space 013116

Excuse me for the messy and dusty table as I make this entry for 2016. For people who read my previous blogs, I’ll explain later in due time the changes that happened, particularly the domain name and direction of the blog. For now, I guess it’s a quick update on what’s been keeping me busy […]

Sol Badguy

I’m thinking of shifting the content type since I’ve been doing figure reviews nonstop for the past two weeks already, but this figure just happened to pass by. Sol Badguy is a character in a fighting game called Guilty Gear Xrd. I’ve been playing a lot of fighting games since I was a lad many […]

Kilmaria Aideen

So far so good, posting schedule is regularly on a twice a week basis. Hope this keeps up though! I haven’t played a single game from the Shining series simply because I have little knowledge on Japanese Kanji. Here’s to hoping that SEGA localizes their games for the english speaking users, especially Shining Resonance! Sadly, […]

Zinogre Capcom Builder

I bet nobody expected this figure to be reviewed at all, but I just had to since I’ve been playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for a while now. Normally I go for bishoujo figures or gunpla when it comes to reviews, but after playing some Monster Hunter 4 I just had to see if there […]