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Fujimi Suzu Yukata ver

The last member and the lead singer/bassist of the First Astronomical Velocity also has a figure of her own in a yukata. I didn’t think she’ll look this good to be honest. Among the three, this is by far my favorite figure. I guess it might be because she stands out more than the other […]

Fuuri Watanuki Yukata ver

Right after Sonico’s Yukata figure, I guess it’s only fitting that we also do a review for one of Sonico’s friends in the anime series, Fuuri Watanuki. Like I said I plan to release a lot of reviews which I’ve kept since February and March. Hopefully I do push though with the plan (unless work […]

Super Sonico Yukata ver

It’s springtime. Hanabi is in the air, and I guess it’s only appropriate to have yukata-themed figures for this week. We’ll be focusing on Freeing’s Super Sonico Yukata version this time around. It’s been a month I think since I last blogged. reason for tha, side from the usual workload, is I’ve been preparing for […]

Asuna Titania ver (Max Factory)

Managed to have one post this week! Hurray to me! I didn’t bother buying the Asuna figure since Kongou came out (which I ended up cancelling), but at least I got to review it! Before anything else, the choice in background wasn’t because of 50 shades of grey or anything like that. Now that we’ve […]

Super Sonico Tiger Parka ver (Gift)

It seems that my max amount of post during weeks with work is only two per week. Will try to post more often since there are a lot of backlogged photos sitting here. I did two artbook reviews in a row thinking I’ve placed something in between. It’s not my style to make two in […]

Tony’s Heroine Works

I usually buy artbooks. Most of the time I get ones that are completely satisfying, while there are others that are a complete bust. This mook (magazine book) has brought about mix reactions from me. I’ve already taken several photos of stuff for articles, but Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came and mangled my time management […]

Redbox by Redjuice

Was finally able to snag a copy of this beautiful artbook from Redjuice during the last convention (Otaku Expo, January to be precise)! Hope no one kills me for grabbing the last copy though >.< Trying to sneak in some time to do blogging is getting harder and harder, hopefully I’ll able to make two […]

The Order:1886 and Bloodborne Event

One of the things that I’ve been into, and I don’t think I’ll get tired of it anytime soon, are videogames. I’ve been playing games since I was a wee laddie so being part of these events is a real treat. The Order:1886 and Bloodborne are games exclusive to the Playstation 4. The former is […]

Honoka Kousaka (Good Smile Company)

What better way to start the year than with a figure review of one last year’s most cheerful characters whose figure was also highly anticipated as well. I totally didn’t expect to review Honoka Kousaka, or enjoy watching Love Live for that matter. Personally I’m a Maki Nishikino and Sonoda Umi fan and I’m not […]

Sonico Santa Swimsuit (Alter)

This 2014, we saw a LOT of Sonico figures being announced and released. It goes without saying if you have been collecting figures for a long time that a LOT of them were also delayed, including this Super Sonico figure from Alter which I am about to show you guys. I did say that I’m […]

Final Figure Sale -Take 2-

I managed to sell a lot of stuff and now it’s time for round two of my figure selling spree! Again reason for selling is more or less me wanting to: 1.) Make more space in my shelves, room and in life 2.) I want to get into a new hobby 3.) I don’t even […]