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Desktop Printscreens

Its 8:30pm, and I’m still at work. I have to get the money to buy those figures, but in the the meantime I’d like to show how my desktop looks like. This is the computer in my house, and I must say that its videocard is pretty outdated now. I can’t even run Batman Arkham […]

Toko Amano Nendroid

As promised from the last entry, I’ll be reviewing the very first nendoroid purchase I’ve ever made which is Toko Amano from the series Bungaku Shoujo! It really was a toss between Hatsune Miku Orchestra ver and Toko Amano as my first nendoroid, but I felt that I had to wait a bit until the […]

Xiao Qiao 1/10- Sangokushi Taisen 3

I find chinese-inspired costumes really pretty and attractive, which could explain why I bought this 1/10 figure of Xiao Qiao from the game Sangokushi Taisen 3 on an impulse ^^;; Sculpted by Milk Doll and manufactured by Sega as part of its “Sega Prize” Collections, this figure is more or less average, because of the […]

Pinoy 2D Fighters Launch/Casuals

Pinoy2dfighters.com, a website built to promote 2d fighting games here in the Philippines, had its launch and when we mean launch its an entire day filled with gaming from various 2d fighting games. In the Philippines there is a huge division between fighting games. There is the 2d fighting and Tekken. Tekken owns majority of […]

Kitsune Pepakura

During one of my less active days, I try out new things that can contribute to my personal development, like Pepakura ^^;; Picked a design called “Kitsune” (fox) out of one of the hatena blogs in the internet. I should have picked something easier, but I can’t resist bringing that “XD face” to life.

Blazblue 1st Ranking Battles

I know this is long overdue but I just have to say that we had another huge event for the Blazblue community in the Metro Manila region last October 25, 2010. This time we decided to have the very first Blazblue Ranking Battle or “RanBats” for short to rank ourselves in the community. First scene […]

Singapore Item GET

Its been a while since I’ve last posted in my own blog, two and a half months long to be exact. A lot of things came up between the time I’ve posted and today, and its been a week since I came back from Singapore. Had to work hard to get there and obtain the […]

Black Rock Shooter Figma

I’ve finally gotten my hands on the third figma in my collection, which is the Black Rock Shooter. Comes with her big Rock Cannon, but i wont be posting that for now here since I’m currently pressed for time. (You can see that on the number of poses I’ve made for this entry) I wonder […]

How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga Volume 1

I was able to finally track down this book after months of searching through bookstores and the internet. Its no joke how fast these books run out since they’re actually one of the better “how to draw manga” books around. The book was written by Hikaru Hayashi, Takehiko Matsumoto, and Kazuaki Morita who are very […]

BBCS Casuals 9/10/10

Since this will be my first post, please be gentle with me. Every week the Blazblue community in the Philippines organize what we call “Casuals” wherein we meet fellow comrades who have the same passion we have in Blazblue and play against each other. What makes this casuals extra special is it was done during […]