How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga Volume 1

I was able to finally track down this book after months of searching through bookstores and the internet. Its no joke how fast these books run out since they’re actually one of the better “how to draw manga” books around.

The book was written by Hikaru Hayashi, Takehiko Matsumoto, and Kazuaki Morita who are very well known in their respective industries. This copy was republished by Page One publication (god bless their soul). Graphic-sha has seemingly stopped producing copies of the book.

The “sketch” series is probably more useful than the other how to draw mangas since it really starts out with the fundamentals of any illustration, which is sketching.

The drawings here are messier than the others but at least it really shows you how to draw properly.

Say “aaaaaaaaah”. Even something like the face has been drawn muscle per muscle.

There are portions here that discusses poses and proportions for both genders and of multiple ages.

This one talks about proportion and faces

Its all about drawing faceless heads from here XD

Ahhhh the scapula

I really wanted to put the pages about the hands here, but i decided to go with the foot instead. Since no one gives much attention to toes

As you can see, Barnes and Nobles is selling the book for $170 sumthing dollars.

And in amazon it is being sold for 170 sumthing dollars again and its USED.

I was able to snag my copy in Fully Booked at Greenbelt (I live in the Philippines just so you guys know) for 1,150.00 pesos and thats roughly equivalent to $23.00. This copy was published by Page One in june 2010 while the graphic-sha was published around feb 2007

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