Imperium Grand Opening

Took some pictures last December 12, 2013 during Imperium’s grand opening. They’ve been open for a week already to test things out, and this opening just make things official.

Imperium is the Philippines’ very first first E-sports bar and they cater to different games, from FPS and RTS to fighting games. As long as it’s competitive, then chances are it will be here.

The place has a bar with TVs adorned on them (like a sports bar) where you can play your favorite games. They have PS3s, Xbox360s and the latest gen consoles like the XboxOne, PS4 and Wii U. Everyone in the gaming community at the moment has their eyes on the venue, even Yahoo! wrote on article on it

That’s Raf Gancayco, owner of the Imperium, giving everyone his welcoming remarks to everyone who came by.

Right here we have Danger Dan, manager of the Imperium, and Krimpai Mael who is one of the top Street Fighter Players in the country.

Chuck here posing for the camera and somewhat tipsy. He is one of the best Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 players in the Philippines and one of the Singapore representatives in the Singapore East Asia Majors. Yep he’s the guy who fought EVO champion Xian, who recently got 2nd place in the Capcom Cup. More info on that can be found in the SEA Majors Day1 and SEA Majors Day2 entries.

Louis (@offcast) was also present in the event. Louis here is one of the well known people who stream matches and is quite popular overseas too.

D3v here is one of the people who help organize tournaments in Manila and is also a writer for Shoryuken.

This here are Miguel and Miguel. One Miguel uses Nightwing, the other uses Batman. Care to guess which one uses who?

James here is one of the people in charge of delivering quality hype and commentary during the course of the event. He also palys an awesome Wesker as well.


Guy on the left is BM, one of the longtime people who help out in the fighting game community and plays a mean Sakura in SF. David Sison, on the right is part of the team that helped organize the event and also was the one commentating over Marvel vs Capcom.

One of the best Tekken players in the world, Alexander Laverez or AK, also graced the Bar and played some games with the people there. He also just recently grabbed Bronze in the World Tekken Global Championship.

Guys in charge of the commentary for Injustice

And the ones in charge of UMVC3!

Someone had way too many drinks.

There were events that happened on that night like a 3v3 Injustice match, Player matches in Marvel and the opportunity to play against AK as well.

Looking forward to more events happening in this bar come 2014!

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