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EVO Japan 2018 Loot

Been to Japan for around 10 days for Evolution Tournament 2018, but of course my entire trip wasn’t completely all about just playing (and trying not to lose miserably). There’s also the usual souvenir and looting time too! | Will be posting more about the places I visited in Japan in a few days because […]

EVO Japan 2018 Booth

Here’s part 2 of the EVO Japan 2018 post which I previously made. This one is more on the booths found during the event.   The event was so large in scope (2 main function halls) that I decided to make a separate entry for the booths found during the entire event otherwise people might […]

EVO Japan 2018

Went back and forth to Japan last January 22 to 31 and one of the main reasons why I actually flew to Japan was for Evolution Japan 2018. Been wanting to go to one, along with experiencing winter and going back to Japan, so hey may as well do all three right?     Despite […]

Dark Dragoon Forte

Post per week has been improving to an actual one post a week at least, I’m getting my groove back! Good character design will really make you look twice and make heads turn and quite honestly the Shingeki no Bahamut characters designed by Mushimaro are no exception. With the release of the Dark Angel Olivia […]