BBPH First Prize + WIM acquired!

Kei Beneza, the person who asked us to help out LAHI foundation, was kind enough to donate this as the first place prize for the second Blazblue continuum shift ranking match.

Yep thats right. The winner of the ranbats will get a 1/8 Black Rock Shooter (black blade ver) manufactured by GSC.

I’ll make a thorough review for this figure before giving it away on Saturday. But thats right, this figure will be given to the winner of the tournament. The current 1st and 3rd rankers have already given their consent that if they get first place, they’ll be giving the figure to the second placer. So that means if they both get 1st or 2nd place, the 3rd placer can get this figure. GET HYPE!

Kei ws nice enough to also sell me this figure of his, World is Mine Hatsune Miku, also from Good Smile Company! This isn’t part of the prizes by the way

The picture is sooo sharp it digitizes! I need to get a macro lens fast and some lights, so my budget for figures might be going to hardware in the coming months (such as a ps3, thats an important hardware in every man’s life)

Event location is at Sherwood, right in front of DLSU taft and the Ranbats will start at 10am, saturday december 18, 2010. Entrance fee is p200. For more info on the tournament, please visit the BBPH thread in the dustloop forums

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