GSC World is Mine Review

A friend of mine sold me his World is Mine scaled figure made by Good Smile Company. World is Mine is a song composed by supercell and drawn by the superb artist “redjuice”. GSC decided to bring the artwork to life by sculpting it in beautiful 1/8 glory.

This is my very first high quality scaled figure, which I’ve wanted to buy for a long time already. Didn’t think I’d be getting this because its hard to find one of these nowadays ^^

The Box is impressively big and the hot pink packaging really brings out the mood of the song’s atmosphere. I wonder if there will be a “Romeo and Cinderella” figure of Miku someday.

Surprisingly, the figure is separated from the entire frame. All this time I thought it comes in one piece. Lets try to check out the figure without the frame first.

Wow, Miku was able to balance on top of my cellphone with ease. I actually wouldn’t mind sticking her to a wall in fact.

Them laced thigh high socks look really appealing.

The top Miku is wearing is still detailed even if you really wouldn’t really see it when she’s on the frame. Amazing dedication! The hair though becomes flat at this point when it comes to the details. It may be because it might not stick very well if it was attached to the frame.

Obligatory fan service. On a serious note, it still is very detailed mind you.

Here is the frame I was talking about. The frame I think has magnets inside while Miku has metal parts inside the entire figure which allows her to stick to the frame with ease.

Even the frame has bits and pieces of detail to make the entire piece interesting to look at.

Entire frame as a whole

Sadly the back part looks plasticky. But I guess no one will look that much at the back part. Oh look it’s a Luka figma hiding behind the frame

Time to connect both pieces. You can opt to display the entire thing either standing up…

Or lying down, its really up to your taste at this point ^^

Tried to replicate the shot with….

The illustration made by redjuice for the song. I honestly prefer singers from niconico douga than miku at times.


Here is the original song sung by miku versus…


The song sung by one of my favorite singers in NND, Choucho! Lets get back to the figure now XD

Miku looks really comfortable and alluring here

Though a top shot of this figure is quite uninteresting…

The obligatory fanservice here, may prove quite to be to ermmm your interest ^^;;

The box it comes with also doubles as a backdrop in potential photoshoots as well. I love how GSC thinks things through, from the figure and to something as trivial as the box itself.

Details details details. The bracelet and even the ribbons were made sure they seemed to shine or have folds as well.

The way the hair flowed across the entire set was beautiful and faithful to the illustration as well.

Miku looking cute, and very alluring here. The illustration may make her look sexy and all, but the song actually talks about how spoiled she is. ^^;;

Didn’t regret buying this figure at all, and I’m quite proud of this purchase even if I’m not much of a Miku fan. Luka fan, double lariat-ing at 4:30am right now ^^;;

First entry of the year and happy new year to everyone!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I remember this figure was released last year…er…two years? ago really wanted to get it. Alas it was not be, I find it pretty cool how the base was a frame, that you could display or hang up.

    I always liked how this figure shows a more adult looking Miku instead of the usual cute girl she is shown to be,

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Ah! I know exactly how you feel about not getting figures that youve always wanted (in my case its an Alfin Umbrio version that recently sold out this week).

      Yup, cute miku is nice but it gets tiring at times. Mature miku is cool, can’t wait for racing miku and love is war

  2. Yi
    Yi says:

    Ooh, she’s lovely. Very alluring for sure. I love love love her expression and her pose. It’s cute and kind of seductive. Very nice review!


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