Black Rock Shooter Figma Review

Took me around half a year to get this one re-done because the previous one wasn’t satisfactory to me, anyway here it is, the Black Rock Shooter Review

Since I’ll be gone for a week and it doesn’t help that I’ve been blogging for only once a week since two weeks ago, I’ve decided to come up with this at the moment. Work has been keeping me preoccupied and so other hobbies as well. Anyway, here is the BRS figma review.

I have to say, I am not impressed with how BRS was packaged, they could’ve changed the white with blacks instead and the entire label with black graduating to blue with white font, but it could’ve been a budget issue on their part. The checkered pattern is the only thing that makes this box stand out from the rest lol.

Unpacked everything, I was surprised at the one item that stood out the most, because I don’t see this in any everyday figma (or figure for that matter).

The figma also comes with a 50 minute Blu-ray DVD of Black Rock Shooter the Animation. Huke must be really proud that one of his creations took of from being a character design in a song, to multiple fan-arts, to art books, to a figma, and now to an animated series. This just ensured that you would enjoy your BRS experience not just in a figma, but also in blu-ray as well.

The one thing I had a hard time about this figure is allowing it stand without the stand. BRS’ hair makes it difficulty for it to stand properly, so later on you’ll notice that ill be using the stand.

Another dislike about this figure is the paint. The paint sticks to the fleshy parts of the figure which leaves it with some black markings. Its removable, but it’s a hassle to keep removing black stuff from time to time =

If I were to be asked what are the top three parts I liked about this figure it would be the waist, the eyes, and the hair. The gradient on that hair is amazing, and the eyes looked like as if it really was glowing. The waist on the other hand was sculpted very nively along with the battle scars our BRS has received. Note that you’ll find out where she got that scar in the Blu-ray XD

Her coat tails are a very nice addition and GSC has done a good job of making it articulated instead of just letting it be some soft plastic part.

The figma comes with 4 pairs of hands and 2 faces, one of these faces is the closed eyed one.

Played a bit around and removed some parts off the coat and the twin tail. BRS looks like some girl from a rock band here ^^;;

She also comes with a hair part with the blue flame there. I don’t know up until now if that blue flame indicates her “rage” or something, all I know is it’s a nice addition which makes her overall character design stand out even more.

And here we have her angry face. Wonder why she’s so offended? XD

She comes with two weapons, one of them is her sword which you see at the first portion of the DVD. Speaking of swords I think I’ll buy an Ein figma and another BRS figma to experiment on modding it. So far it seems that I cant remove the back jacket part along the BRS figma’s waist, like I said it “seems”. I just need Ein for the bare skin arms =D

Another weapon is her Rock Cannon, BRS can use it to shoot at her enemies or swing it around like a huge club! The cannon is so huge it comes with its own stand as well

You can make her pose with it as well like some of the illustrations she came with or try and make her look like some angel of death about to fire off a huge cannon beam. Had a hard time with the second one because the cannon wont cooperate XD

She also comes with two chains as well. Tried to portray her being captured by Deadmaster. The one with fire off her eyes didn’t look on the spot and the pose is somewhat weird XD

Final pose of BRS on my sidedesk area. I’m very much satisfied with how BRS turned out as a figma and I might be getting the Black old Saw and STR. Dunno bout Deadmaster though, I find her head part intriguing, but the rest seemed kind of boring compared to the rest of the cast.


Here is the video of the BRS song, i prefer the version where choucho is singing it though XD. For other links to figure reviews, check the links below or you can simply click the “Figures” portion on the top menu ^^

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Black Rock Shooter Figma Review v1

Not bad for a two thousand peso figma that comes along with a blu-ray as well. I still have issues with the black paint though, but outside of that the figma is pretty good and if your’e a collector of huke’s works or vocaloid stuff, BRS is a good addition to your collection.

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  1. Nopy
    Nopy says:

    I like the coat the most, but it sounds like the paint rubbing off is a hassle. All of my movable figures stay in the same pose forever once I put away the extra parts so I usually don’t need to worry about paint transfer.

  2. bd77
    bd77 says:

    Her cannon shooting pose reminds me of some other “angel” of death…

    That’s right, Wing Zero Custom with the Twin Buster Rifle, but now, it’d be Marisa and the Twin Buster Rifle. =D

  3. Zai
    Zai says:

    She looks really cute with her twintails taken out! The final pose you have put her into looks awesome too.

    My BRS Figma was such a bitch to me, she broke in half while I was trying to take photos of her. D:
    Buuut despite that mishap, she’s probably my favourite Figma to date. She’s just so.. shiny and pretty to look at. xD

  4. Aile
    Aile says:


    I haven’t had issues with BRS’s paint on mine, but the stands that she has are much more looser than my other figma stands. a case to case basis maybe?

    I do agree on the hair. Ithe way it was done is so pretty and detailed, pretty much the selling point in me getting her.

    I love my BRS figma, but I personally like my Dead Master figma more only cause of her extra face. /shot

  5. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Originally I did not plan on getting the BRS figma, I ended buying since it would be boring to get Dead Master by herself. A couple of pictures later she ended growing on me.

    I find it odd though, I played a round a bit with the BRS figma but I don’t recall ever seeing any paint transfer.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      awesome shots as usual =D

      I’m actually now starting that GSC’s QA is lulz. I bought an original one and not a bootleg, so I can pretty much scratch that possibility out as well =D

  6. Yi
    Yi says:

    Lovely figma. I really like BRS. But she seems like a lot of hassle to pose with her heavy hair and huge weapons and such. I don’t think I can handle her. Haha.

    Anyway, love you photos!!

  7. rubyvijudai
    rubyvijudai says:

    The show well……. not much to say but all the figure like nendo and figma have more than what you spent and a dvd XD,thats the strong point about the figure and really is what lure people to purchase it.

    Nice poses you did too really alluring people to buy.

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      I’m pretty sure by this time, the people reading that entry have already bought the figure since it was released a long time ago =D

      Yeah those package deals really kill the wallet, those limited eds are a total pain D=

  8. Fabienne
    Fabienne says:

    She’s a very pretty figma, the outfit looks good on her and I like her faces, for me they are showing a stronger expression than the faces of the three 1/8 scaled figures of BRS, what I really like
    Her body looks nice mainly because of the well sculpted belly and waist area ^^

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      hahaha me too XD
      I haven’t made a comparison yet on the three 1/8 scaled figures yet, but i didn’t think her expressions were stronger in her figma incarnation


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