GSC 5th Photo Contest entry: Makeshift Umbrella – Hatsune Miku Nendoroid

Well, that was a mouthful for a title. Despite not being able to get into the final 200 of the 5th GSC Photo contest, I still nonetheless had fun, and I have to thank my comrades Mark Santos, Pete Sison, Oliver, and Ryan Dael, who made my experience very fruitful.

This was my entry for the photo-contest titled ‘makeshift umbrella’. It was drizzling that day so outdoor shots for us were somewhat limited, not to mention we didn’t know we needed some sort of permit to shoot in the garden park.

If this picture wasn’t blurred, I would’ve sent it, but time wasn’t on my side so better luck next time for me. I also made other entries to pick from as well because of the multitude of figures that was pooled for this event

A Hachune has been spotted! The light here was too hard, but it does have some charm to it as well. I have to ask, how do you make your Nendoroids stand up without the stand?

Decided to use a slower shutter setting to get more light. Some of my friends liked this over the one I sent, but I picked the leaf umbrella instead because I kind of preferred it even more than this XD.

There was something right and wrong with the composition of this picture. I decided not to send this in precisely because there was something wrong with it aside from the fact that Ryougi has a cat and there is a no pets allowed sign on the upper left.

Tried out both Saber Lily Nendoroid and her figma counterpart, but I immediately abandoned the idea as soon as I realized that a lot have done shots that involve flowers in them, especially those that involve a Nendoroid lying down on a bouquet of flowers.

This one was kind of hard to edit, especially at 3am in the morning. The pictures gave me a few goosebumps while I was editing them Q_Q

I’ll be posting the entire photo op we did for this sometime this week. Did anyone get into the final 200? Congrats to Ryan and Miette-chan for getting in =D

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  1. Fabienne
    Fabienne says:

    too bad you couldn’t reach your goal, but at least unlike me you took part in the contest 😉
    My favorite of these pictures would have been gsc entry 03 because its funny and shows an interesting background. gsc entry 05 is also a good picture.
    Well you can use sticky tape or something from the environmennt like putting a small stone, or a small branch behind or next to her to make her able to stand without the bases.

  2. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    Your pictures look great shame it didnt work out, but i think one of the reason is that by looking at all the pictures selected, all of them didnt have the stand, so i make it more realistic iif you know what i mean, and maybe thats why yours didnt get chosen…
    still great pictures :3

  3. Raintive_Orion
    Raintive_Orion says:

    Nice pictures, i like the first one ^^ too bad you didn’t make it to the top 200. About making nendos stand without using their stand.. mostly long twintail nendos, e.g: miku & kokonoe rin, can stand on their own. You should just adjust their twintail so that it can support the nendo. As for other nendos, you need to improvise, like putting their legs between stones, or in a small crack on the road, etc. I suggest you visit kodomut’s website, mostly his nendo photoshoot was taken without using stand, maybe you can get some references from his pics ^^

    • Duqs
      Duqs says:

      Yup i do check his blog and nendonesia as well, but I dont get how to some people can pose their nendos in a tilting fashion, as if it was falling. Or even the ones that look like theyre flying in mid-air (this might be photoshopped though). I’ll try to use putty or something that is sticky but easy to get out of their feet soon.

      Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it =D

  4. Yi
    Yi says:

    Wow, really gorgeous photos! They’re adorable and beautifully shot!! I love them. My favorites are the umbrella one and the second bamboo one. Great job. ^ ^


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  2. […] Went to the roof deck of our place to shoot some more pics. Didn’t use these two pics since they kind of felt off to me. The picture which I submitted for the photo contest can be found here. […]

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